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Insurance Terms Explained

     -     Jun 23rd, 2014   -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

Insurance terms can be confusing and we all wonder why normal language can’t be used to explain everything. One of our goals is to make it easier for you to understand these terms and so here is our glossary of insurance terms for people who choose not to speak in legal jargon! You/Your/Insured You will […]

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What to do in the event of a claim…

     -     May 14th, 2014   -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

Should the worst happen or even an incident that you think may result in insurance companies being involved you need to be aware of what to do. Here is our step by step guide to the do’s and don’ts…

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festival food

Top tips for music festival food and drink traders

     -     Apr 4th, 2014   -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

Seven top tips for mobile caterers trading food and drink at festivals.

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CIEH Guidelines for Outdoor and Mobile Catering

     -        -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health has given some guidelines on hygiene with particular reference to hand washing facilities.

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Mobile Catering Insurance Explained

Mobile Catering Insurance Explained

     -     Feb 14th, 2014   -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

Let’s be honest, you know you need it but working out exactly what insurance you require can be confusing at best and when you’re busy trying to run a business it can be the last thing you want to deal with. The good news is that it’s really not that complicated

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