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Just fill in a few fields and get an online premium indication in minutes!

These are the steps to gather all the information we need to get you a mobile catering insurance quote.
Step One – Some details about you
Step Two – Your insurance cover details
Step Three – Quick quote provided, this is an indication of premium which we will then confirm after reviewing your submission

Please ensure that any information provided is correct to the best of your knowledge and is provided in good faith. This is an indication of premium and is dependent on completing the rest of the quote.

We will make the following assumptions when preparing this online premium indication.
If any of these assumptions affect you please call us to discuss further as they may affect your quote.

The proposer, director or partner of the Trade or Business, either personally or in any business capacity has:

  • had a proposal refused or declined or ever had an insurance cancelled, renewal refused or had special terms imposed
  • been declared bankrupt or insolvent or been the subject of bankruptcy proceedings or insolvency proceedings
  • been the owner or director of, or partner in, any business, company or partnership had a county court judgement awarded against them
  • been disqualified from holding company directorship
  • had any convictions or criminal offences which are not spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act or has any prosecutions pending
  • been served with a prohibition or improvement order under health and safety legislation
  • been convicted of, charged (but not yet tried) with or officially cautioned for a breach of any Health and Safety or Welfare or Environmental Protection legislation
  • been the subject of a recovery action by Customs and Excise or the Inland Revenue

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