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Mobile Catering Insurance Explained

Mobile Catering Insurance Explained

     -     Feb 14th, 2014   -     Mobile Catering Advice   -     0 Comments

Let’s be honest, you know you need it but working out exactly what insurance you require can be confusing at best and when you’re busy trying to run a business it can be the last thing you want to deal with.

The good news is that it’s really not that complicated and we hope to make it a totally painless experience. We are of course happy to explain everything over the phone but we’ve also tried to explain the different covers available below so you have all the information at your fingertips.

So to start with there are two main areas of mobile catering insurance…

1. Protecting your property

If you operate your catering business from a catering trailer (either mobile or fixed) or a motorised food van then you will almost certainly want to protect your property from theft, accidental damage and fire in the same way you would your regular road vehicle.

Catering Trailer Insurance
Covers your trailer itself and all the fixtures & fittings. The amount you are covered for is usually stated as the Maximum Sum Insured and you should make sure this amount covers the value of all your property.

Mobile Catering Van Insurance
A similar insurance type to the trailer insurance in that it covers the vehicle itself and the fixtures & fittings. However, as catering vans are motor vehicles in their own right you need some motor insurance included. Usually this takes the form of comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only and covers you in exactly the same way as a normal car policy should you be involved in an accident or have anything stolen.

2. Protecting yourself against claims from the public

This is referred to as liability insurance and covers you should someone take legal action against you. This could be an injured employee or it could be a member of the public who has been hurt by your actions or by the products you sell.

Employers’ Liability Insurance
This type of insurance is actually a legal requirement if you employ anyone. It covers you in case any of your employees or contractors working for you are injured whilst employed by you.

Public Liability Insurance
This protects you against claims from the public if anyone was hurt or their property damaged as a result of your business.

Products Liability Insurance
This covers you against action from anyone who has been hurt or had damaged property as a result of a defective product, it’s wrapping or it’s instructions for use.

A lot of insurers provide these as individual products but we think that makes life really difficult for you so we approach it in a different way. Our products are designed around you and the way you do business and we bundle the products together to give you a single solution.

Catering Trailer Insurance

Our Catering Trailer Insurance give you excellent cover for  your trailer and fixtures & fittings but also gives you the option of adding Employers’, Public and Products Liability if you wish.

Mobile Catering Van Insurance

Flexible cover for your Catering Van with the option of adding Employers’, Public and Products Liability.

Catering Liability Insurance

Our Catering Liability Insurance gives great liability cover for any outside caterer who doesn’t require cover for a trailer or a catering van. Your business equipment is obviously still important to you so we provide the option to include this as additional cover.

Street Food Liability Insurance

If you’re a street food vendor you still want the reassurance of liability cover but really don’t need the levels of cover that a larger catering business requires. Our policy is tailored to the smaller scale trader and has significantly reduced premiums as a result.

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